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Where Have I Been?

This is a bit of a reluctant post because I hoped to sort everything out and then just return to music quickly but I feel like it’s maybe good to write about the reason I haven’t performed at all in the past year. At least for whoever reads this, who knows perhaps in the future…
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Blog Post 5 – Motivation

A bit of a broad subject but it’s probably the pivotal point for almost everything regarding music or life even… This would take a long time to decipher though so I’ll stick to just music for now. Obviously without motivation nothing happens, you need to have a reason for creating the melodic or lyrical base…
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Blog Post 4 – What To Do…?

I never know exactly what I want to do regarding music in general. This is not necessarily a bad thing, it could be seen as a way to remain open minded. But… It can be hard to have a definite sense of direction when your mind is always in multiple places. What I mean by…
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Blog Post 3 – Am I Writing Too Many Songs?

This post is going to be a bit of a weird one. So bear with me… Also it’s winter and cold, so just a featured photo of me looking unimpressed with the weather after driving to the music studio. Ha. I’ll start off by saying that right now going back to when I wrote my…
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Blog Post 2 – Songwriting (Lyrics in particular!)

I decided that today I would keep the blog thing going by talking about my approach to songwriting. I think it’s hard to say anything that would be consistently applicable because sometimes the methods that work on one given occasion, just don’t on another. To start simply, I generally do a bit of improvisation on…
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Blog Post 1 – Why do I create music?

This is the first time I’ve ever written a blog post but I’m the type of person who over thinks in general and have a million ideas at any given time running around my mind (Slight exaggeration… Maybe). So perhaps it makes sense for me to do this, for the few or many that might…
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New Single ‘Calming Pace’ Available Now!

Dickon McCarthy’s New Single ‘Calming Pace’ is now Available to Buy or Stream! You can find it on a number of music sites & stores including; Spotify, Apple Music, Itunes, Google Playstore, Deezer & Tidal. Follow this link to hear a sample:  

Summer Recap

It’s been a fantastic summer so far with Dickon McCarthy performing at a number of gigs and festivals including ‘Ely Folk Festival’ & ‘Homegrown Festival’. Here are a few photos from some of the Summer’s performances…!

New Song Releases: ‘What I Needed’ & ‘Splintered’ Available on SoundCloud Now!

Latest song releases ‘What I Needed’ & ‘Splintered’ can now be found on Dickon McCarthy’s SoundCloud Profile:                        Free Download Available of ‘What I Needed’.

Confirmed For ‘Ely Folk Festival 2016’!

Dickon McCarthy will be performing at ‘Ely Folk Festival’ this year as part of the ‘Friday Night Showcase’ on the 8th of July! – Follow this link to find out about all of the music happening over the weekend.